Redbird Flight Simulators

Our FAA approved full motion flight simulators can be configured with the following flight decks

Does Motion Matter?

We know from firsthand experience at our flight training laboratory, Skyport, that motion does matter, and for some less than obvious reasons. Pilots that learn primary flight skills in a device that provides accurate motion feedback transition to the real aircraft in less time because they know what it “feels like” to fly. They are less anxious in the cockpit, have better touch on the controls, and know why you need right rudder in the climb. Interestingly, having a full motion simulator might be even more important for the flight school.

3 Axis Full Motion Platform


The G58 Baron is the latest variant of this iconic American light twin aircraft. It features 300HP Continental IO550 engines which allow it to cruise at 200KTAS. The avionics package on this Redbird configuration is built around the Garmin G1000 flight deck including the highly capable GFC 700 autopilot/flight director system. Come hone your multi-engine flying skills on this high performance twin.

CESSNA C-172S steam gauge - GNS530/430

The Cessna 172S is easily the most recognized training aircraft in the world. This variant uses a 180HP Lycoming IO360 engine giving the C-172S added climb performance. This particular version is the last C-172 to be outfitted with analog flight instruments. The avionics include the Garmin GNS 530/430 GPS Nav/Com, as well as the Bendix/King KAP140 autopilot. For those pilots who prefer old school this Redbird configuration of the C-172S is the perfect solution.

CESSNA C-172SP - G1000

The Cessna 172SP is the cutting edge solution for primary flight training. Like its analog older brother, the C-172SP is powered by the 180HP Lycoming IO360. This Redbird flight deck is built around the G1000 featuring the GFC 700 autopilot/flight director system. This potent avionics combination allows students to develop their skills flying technically advanced aircraft (TAA). In today's world of glass cockpits this Redbird C-172SP flight deck is just the right tool to prepare you for the challenges that lay ahead.